Time is precious

I suppose I reserve judgement on whether you can proclaim any idea to be the number 1 secret, but it certainly gets attention. A post in Seth’s blog (Time) reveals to us:

the #1 most overlooked secret of marketing

It turns out to be two things: show up on time (as an individual and in the things you are responsible for delivering); and cherish my time (show you care about me and help me save time).

The second idea is illustrated by a spam example:

automate the process so three minutes of your time wastes three minutes of the 1,000 or one million people on your list

and this reminds me of a comment I read recently about meetings…

How long does a one hour meeting take? The answer is to multiply the hour by the number of people in the room. So for a meeting of a dozen people you are using 12 hours. Add in some preparation time (for reading papers) and some post-meeting activity and it quickly becomes a very time consuming event.

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