Does Google Calendar Sync work and help?

I’m going to see what happens when I sync my work calendar (Outlook 2003 via a Sun Connector to our Sun Java Communication Suite) to my Google calendar. Then see if I can get my missus to do same with her work calendar. Then see if this helps us co-ordinate on picking up the kids and the occasions when we work odd shifts.

Google Calendar: How to Sync Any Desktop Calendar with Google Calendar

Google Calendar Sync Settings window

Exciting stuff I know, but it’s crazy how much time we have to spend each evening coordinating our lives.

I’ll update this post with progress. As I type, the first sync from my Outlook to Google is happening…

10.09 – the outlook-to-google sync has done 99% of it’s job with 910 out of 913 events synchronised. But the last few are taking a long time. I wonder what type of event is causing it to slow down?

10.13 – 911 out of 913

10.46 – I’m back. The icon tells me it completed at 10.26. I don’t think it’s worked entirely. Ah, hang on – just a refresh needed (I clicked Agenda and there it all was).

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  1. anne wareham says:

    So did it work? I tried and got a load of duplicated entries. I need this – to sync my pda and laptop, but daren’t try again, takes too long to sort out the resulting mess.
    Did I do something wrong? Your silence suggests satisfaction.


  2. Michael says:

    Hi Anne

    Yes it did! It ran successfully and unobtrusively for months syncing from and to Outlook 2003 on PC to my Google Calendar. It also seemed great at keeping all the various preferences in each entry for things like meeting requests.


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