a workshop idea – make a better page


How about running a workshop for web authors to help them make a better page. Don’t try to teach them lots of rules, but instead get them to bring along a page they’ve already done, and then work on improving it.

Start the workshop by providing a pile of Lorem Ipsum text and some stock photographs (allow for some images of people, some building shots, some clipart, and perhaps some nature). Then show how these can be re-arranged on the page to make a good website – clear headings, chunked content, pleasing use of imagery. Show how image choice can make a difference, show the effect of cropping images too. Show also how bullets, subheadings and the like can make text more legible. Add some inline links too and perhaps an image caption and a box out section of text.

Then, let them loose on their own pages and help them on a one-to-one basis to make similar changes to the page they brought along.

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