Create a content drop box


For a large institutional website, the demands to get content onto the site come in thick and fast. A ‘content drop box’ would allow colleagues to post content to be added to the site.

The fields are fairly obvious… it should:

  • Record who the colleague is
  • Ask who the owner of the content is – full details
  • Ask who the intended audience is. Any restrictions?
  • Ask where it should go – URLs please!
  • Link to policies where appropriate (if they want content on the homepage, does it fit?)
  • Ensure that a start date and a finish date are recorded
  • Ask for priority? (even though no one would say not urgent).
  • Allow Word docs (and other files) to be added to the request
  • Convert those Word docs automatically into HTML!! (in an ideal world).
  • Ask whether the content needs to be referred to from other places or highlighted in some way
  • Store all requests in a tracking database, and alert the team or the person on duty that a new task has arrived.

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