Why some calendar invitations go missing, and how to fix


If you find that sometimes calendar invitations go missing, this might help.

I manage my emails and calendar etc with Google’s Gmail/Calendar/Contacts. But I use Apple devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad). This works really well, but very occasionally I found I would miss a calendar invitation. The organiser would apologise profusely for missing me off the circulation, and then check and find out that they hadn’t made a mistake at all. I was on the recipient list, but I hadn’t received the email.

It turns out that Apple is trying to be helpful. The sender is sending the invitation from their iCloud calendar, and Apple’s system sees that I have a an iCloud account so it sends it directly to the iCloud calendar application. The event is visible in the Apple Calendar which I, of course, don’t use on my MacBook and don’t have visible on my devices.

The fix is to login to iCloud, go to the Calendar, and delve deep into the preferences to tell Apple to send you invitations by email. See the images below for a step-by-step guide.

  • icloud.com dashboard
  • iCloud Calendar
  • Preferences menu
  • Preferences settings, general tab
  • Preferences settings, Advanced tab
  • Changing Invitations settings

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