A temp fix for the wordpress.com dns mapping infinite redirect loop problem

Yesterday evening, I had a problem with domain mapping on a new wordpress.com site. Originally spelt out here: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/domain-mapping-redirect-loop

Please could you check the domain mapping for pennysomerville.wordpress.com. It should be showing up on http://www.pennysomerville.co.uk. I set this up yesterday but I now seem to have a redirect loop going on. I have tried clearing cookies and cache. (I use OpenDNS as my provider in case that helps).


The blog I need help with is pennysomerville.co.uk.

This morning at work, it worked, so I added to my wordpress.com support post:

From, a different location today I can see that the site is working fine. So it must be deep cached in my home setup somewhere….

OK to close.

However, this evening, and back at home – it still isn’t working on the home setup. My “client” (hi Mum!) reports it working OK for her at her location. I’m figuring that DNS propagation has happened just about everywhere around the world apart from in my home. (I have tried all the cache and cookie clearing recommended and also different devices with no luck).

I tried getting to the bottom of it, but it’s late and I couldn’t quite be bothered. In case it helps anyone – here’s what I think has happened and my temporary fix.

My home setup seems to have ‘deep-cached’ the DNS setup somewhere. I have the wifi network setup to use OpenDNS, and this is set in the main router connection to the internet. I’ve decided to leave that alone as I want their filtering to help make  the kid’s internet usage safer. But I have switched out of this DNS service on my laptop (by using the Google public DNS service) and this has solved the problem in the short term. That means I can carry on doing the work on the site for my client (hi again Mum!) and I’ll set the laptop back to using the default home network DNS service after the full 72 hours recommended for DNS propagation has expired.

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