Does ‘uni app’ usage spike in the evening?

Analysis from Flurry suggests that mobile app usage is active all day, and spikes in ‘prime time’ – i.e. between 7pm and 11pm.

How does this affect students?

Many universities have created or purchased a ‘uni app’ which provides portal-like information and links. It’s not clear to me whether these apps actually provide long-term benefit to students nor even whether the apps are actually used after the initial download and play.

However, Flurry’s analysis suggests that people generally are kicking back in the evening to watch TV and fiddle with their mobile devices.

Would/should a uni app provide functions and features that can be used during this period, or is it leisure time? Are students switching off from uni life at this point and more interested in doing something else – Angry Birds, Twitter, Facebook, etc?

via Mobile app usage: active all day, spikes in prime time — Tech News and Analysis.

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