Web Sequence Diagrams

Have been following up a tweet from fooflington… yes it does seem rather cool. With <I’m no expert> applied, I’ve been playing too…

Here’s the text that generated it:

user->form: provides feedback
activate form
form->form: validate
form-->user: request amends
alt if 'content' selected
    form->dept: email dept
    note right of dept
        left with dept
        to sort out?
    end note
else if 'other' selected
    form->service desk: raise ticket
    service desk->web support: ticket
form->user: send message received (if email left)
deactivate form
web support -> service desk: resolve ticket
service desk -> user: email resolution message

Here’s a link to the page where it all happens.

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  1. foo says:

    Good effort — 8/10

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