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Since I got this netbook I’ve been trying to live life more in the cloud. Now that I have Windows 7 RC on it, I think I need to stay there so that I don’t lose too much if/when I need to re-install.

First off a few weeks ago I started getting our data backed up via Humyo. Seems pretty competitive on space/price. £5 per month for 100GB. Works in a fairly windows-centric way, and so far all our photos and non-music files are now ‘safely’ synced into the cloud. 10GB for free.

Also trying out Dropbox. Much simpler than Humyo, and nicer interfacing: very web2.0 unlike Humyo which is quite windows-like. $10 per month for 50GB, $20 for 100GB. Is it worth twice the price? 2GB for free as a taster (or 2.25GB if you use my referral link above).

Also enjoying very much Evernote. Much like OneNote in approach, but nicer media options (include audio, images, etc). Works off the web, or via an installed desktop client. A client is also available for many mobiles and the version on my HTC Touch HD works great. Also it OCRs any text it can see in screengrabs or uploaded images – including handwriting! Syncs across all instances and ‘just works’. 40MB upload per month for free.

So, to get this Netbook working – I’m going to install F-Secure, and then see if these various apps will play with Windows 7.

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  1. dmc says:

    “So, to get this Netbook working – I’m going to install F-Secure”


    Installing F-secure is rarely the way to get *anything* working. Quite the opposite in fact…

  2. Michael says:

    I guess I meant something else!

    It was late, I was tired, and the thing had no protection and little flags telling me so.

    The little flags sent me off to the System and Security Action Centre which then offered me the following choices:

    Not sure why F-Secure got picked (corporate echos in my mind?). Which would be better?

  3. Michael says:

    Some further installs…

    System stuff:
    – Samsung Easy Display Manager
    – Samsung Easy Battery Manager
    – Synaptics Touch Pad
    (thanks: )

    Foxit Reader

  4. Michael says:

    My Release Candidate license has now run out. I’ll be getting this netbook rebuilt tomorrow hopefully.

    We’ll soon see if I have managed to ‘live in the cloud’. I’m actually fairly confident that there’s nothing at all on here that I can’t reinstall for free (with data being synced) or at least re-setup to use some sort of network storage.

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