Chair of Governors


Just a short post to mark a significant day for me.

I’ve been a parent governor at my daughter’s school for about a year. So far it’s been an interesting challenge, albeit fairly demanding in terms of time and commitment. However, it is about to become significantly more demanding… Earlier tonight, I was elected Chair of the Governors.

I’m honoured (and indeed a little bit proud) to have been considered a suitable candidate for the role – I hope I can do a good job. Obviously, I’ve not done this before so there are many unknowns ahead, but thankfully there are experienced governors still on board (including the previous chair and a very experienced new vice chair). I’ll need an awful lot of their input and advice to ensure that things are handled properly.

It’s clear to me that I was nominated, and subsequently voted in, partly because I’m seen as “the new kid on the block”. I guess I bring a degree of knowledge as a parent, and as an internet professional, that could be very useful. I hope I can live up to the other governor’s expectations!

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