Vista on my laptop


Around two and a half years a go I became the proud owner of a Toshiba Portege laptop running Vista. But I had a few problems – mostly because it didn’t have enough RAM (only 1GB to start with). 

Over the years I have tried various ways to speed it up. For a while I stuck a 2GB SD card in and ran ReadyBoost which helped. Also I tried the advice on the first two items on this list: which seemed to help.

Eventually I upgraded to 2GB of Ram and things have been fairly decent since then. I stopped using the ReadyBoost as it seemed to make things slower on wake-up (probably too much of the session in memory).

But one thing I didn’t revert was the indexing (first point of advice on that URL above). So now I am, and I thought I’d just make a note of this here so that I can come and revert back if the need arises.

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