HTC Touch HD – apps I've installed


I’ve been playing with my phone, installing various apps. I figure that any moment soon I’m probably going to crash it, so here’s a reminder just for me of what went in, in no particular order…

  • Touch InCall Screen Tweak (makes the screen light up during a call if you take it away from vertical – i.e. away from your ear)
  • BsB G-Config (adds G-sensor options to apps that don’t support it natively. not sure this works – or at least it doesn’t help google maps).
  • CeTwit – small twitter client. Ok, but could do with better finger-scrolling
  • QuakkSetup – just about to try this
  • .NET compact framework 3.5 (needed for some of these apps)
  • Diamond Saber (yes, a lightsaber application)
  • GoogleMaps itself (did I install this? did it not come with the phone? I seem to have the .cab file lying around)
  • SkypeForPocketPC (this actually works, but doesn’t do video yet AFAICT)

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  1. Michael says:

    Not forgetting SpinVox which isn’t really installed but needs a configuration step

  2. Michael says:

    The phone was beginning to misbehave a little, so I removed BsB G-Config and CeTwit.

    However, am now playing with Evernote (google it), and the mobile version works great.

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