My son wanted to be King Stupid!


King StupidMy kids love playing the games on the BBC website, one of which is called ‘Stupid‘. One of the player roles is King Stupid.

Well, a while ago I heard my son shouting “I want to be King Stupid” and I thought I was hearing things. Imagine an apostrophe in front of the name – ‘King Stupid – and you might begin to get the idea of what I thought I heard.

I couldn’t let the pun go, so the result is now a T-shirt shop: I’d quite like to make a King Stupid T-shirt, but I’m not entirely sure the BBC would approve, so you’ll have to make do with the other designs for now.

If you find it all a bit too rude then all i can say is that I’m ‘king sorry… 😉

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  1. Oh go on, do the t-shirts, balls to the BBC. I wouldn’t mind. Dean Wilkinson, creator of Stupid.

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